Program for “Nietzsche! The Musical”

Program for “Nietzsche! The Muscial” (pdf)

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Coverage of “Nietzsche! The Musical”

A Nietzsche musical? UWB graduate student teams with composer for unusual stage piece

by Nancy Wick

At first glance, the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche may not seem like a good subject for a musical. After all, the man who famously said, “God is dead” is sometimes thought of as a nihilist — not exactly a promising outlook for an evening’s entertainment.

“Actually, Nietzsche was anything but nihilistic,” said Jeremy Richards. “He wrestled with nihilism, but he ultimately taught that we should say ‘yes’ to life.” And Richards looked beyond all that’s been said about Nietzsche’s philosophy¬†to Nietzsche’s life, which he calls dramatic and tragic, adding, “Nietzsche was obsessed with music and poetry. I thought he’d make an ideal candidate for a musical.”

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Photos from “Nietzsche! The Musical” (photos by Colleen Gillon)

(L to R) Stephani Holser, Justin Sund, Shana Pennington-Baird, and Guy Nelson

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